My fifth work-anniversary at Microsoft and my five key learnings

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Today marks my 5th year working at this great company, has been 5 years as FTE, 3 years as MVP and a lifetime Microsoft fan. I am very honored and humbled to have accomplished so many things at Microsoft during these years, I am grateful for all the people I have met and worked with on this incredible journey, especially my awesome managers who have been my mentors and coaches. Thank you very much Sara Gardeback, Erika Ehrli, Luisa Gomez and Elisa Hung.

Here are my five key learnings:

  1. Follow your passion: I was very curious about computer stuff even before I started High School, I always wanted to learn more about software development and since then I have been looking how improve my technical skills. It is something sparks my interest along with sharing knowledge and help others being successful in their careers.
  2. Keep learning: Embrace a growth mindset, unlearn, and learn, do experiments, research, and learn from mistakes, those are essential part of growing in your career. In technology it is more than recommended to stay up to date with innovative technologies, frameworks, platforms, etc. Technology evolves faster than you think.
  3. Believe in your company's mission: at Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. That is something motivates me and make me proud to be here, in fact I have my own mission at the company (I'm here to help you build the best apps on top of Microsoft Azure).
  4. Always put yourself in the customer's shoes: as Satya Nadella said, “You join here not to be cool, but to make others cool”, every time I prepare some content (presentation, demo, video, whitepaper, etc.) I think in what the audience will gain from that content, what is in there for them, this helps me to ensure it will be valuable.
  5. "Professional Skills" are more important than you think: communication, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership are just a few examples of the most wanted "soft" skills in a professional, make sure to learn and develop those areas and not only focus on your technical skills.

I'm truly blessed for working at Microsoft and I hope many more years to come!

Thank you for reading.

This article was updated on August 29, 2021